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link side stand - 2023

The Link Side Stand is a lightweight side table of a linear expression. ‘Link’ refers to the manner in which the frame and tabletop join together to form a stable and minimal structure. It also references the thin aluminum slats of varying widths that ‘link’ together to form a thin plinth.

With the help of an 1/8” Allen key the entire piece flat-packs to allow for easy transport and storage. Use of mechanical connections to secure its main components ensures parts can be replaced and responsibly segregated over time.

Machined circles on the supporting members give them an architectural impression and are only visible if one peeks from below. By not immediately revealing all the moments of definition, a clear sense of direction is lost. The viewer is encouraged to see the piece more as a de-objectified sculpture than furniture with an obvious orientation.

drawings:  link side stand instructions    
materials:  1/2" S.S. round bar, 1/2" by 1/4" S.S. flat bar, 1/4" aluminum flat bar of various widths
width: 14", length: 14", height: 18 1/2"

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