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marina chair - 2023

The Marina Chair is a minimalist lounge chair of 1/8” hot rolled steel bridging two stainless steel frames. The mill scale of the steel is left raw, only treated with a clear matt wax, and alludes to the dark blue associated with urban water bodies.

While the overall form of the chair is simple, the tectonics are what makes it unique. A countersink along the edge of the steel seat houses a 12-24 screw that overlaps a rabbet machined into the stainless steel. The 5/16” stainless steel round bars that connect both frames have threaded ends of opposing directions, enabling disassembly with a simple twist.

The planar frames and laser cut components give the Marina Chair excellent production characteristics while having the finesse of a handcrafted piece.

materials:  1/8" hot rolled steel, 1/2" stainless steel square bat, 5/16" stainless steel round bar
width - 18-7/8", depth - 24", height - 25"

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