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MExT 1.1-2  scale fruit.jpg

MExT machine - 2022

The Mist Extraction Testing Machine (MExT) was designed as part of my undergraduate thesis project titled ‘Mist Opportunities.’ The objective of the thesis was to explore the potential of architectural materials to passively extract water from the air in areas of high FLCC (Fog and Low Cloud Cover).


This ‘quick and dirty’ apparatus was fabricated using a 3D printed base that houses an array of Arduino circuitry and hardware. Mist is produced through the use of an atomizer that is fed a steady stream of water by a 7V pump. A machined aluminum worktable allows for the mounting of materials within the enclosure at different angles.


A material is placed in the MExT Machine for a fixed amount of time and its effectiveness is measured by the weight of water extracted.

drawings:  machine video demo      technical anatomy perspective      technical anatomy sections
materials:  PLA plastic, sand cast aluminum, vacuum formed ABS plastic, transparent acrylic
length - 18", width - 10", height - 10"

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