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object of desire - 2020

The ‘Object of Desire’ serves as an architectural prelude, crafting a handheld sculpture that encapsulates distinctive spatial and material characteristics translatable to architecture.

This article of Hydrocal and vacuum cast aluminum delves into the theme of Nesting. Ellipsoidal masses are positioned into larger voids leading to an interplay between encapsulated elements and their container; the diffusion of light between surfaces induces a gentle radiance below.

Embodying the aluminum within the plaster presented a compelling challenge, requiring a nuanced order of operations solved by nesting the vacuum cast components within the 3D printed formwork while plaster was poured into the mold.

drawings:  object of desire recipe      oakland public library sections - architectural outcome
materials:  Hydrocal plaster, vacuum cast aluminum
width - 9 1/2", width - 6 1/4", height - 3"

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