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project cart - 2023

The genesis of the Project Cart stemmed from the pressing need for a dedicated space to house flat-pack furniture prototypes, hardware and samples.

Rather than fabricating a mere utilitarian shelving unit, this endeavor presented an opportunity to conceive a useful object incorporating serviceability and raw material usage.

The cart’s frame is crafted from mechanically fastened HSS tubing, bringing about seams between parts that enhance its overall density while preserving the natural finish of the cold-formed steel. This approach retains qualities that welding would compromise.

Four sets of detachable aluminum T bars and 28” by 22” sheets of 3/8” thick plywood efficiently accommodate disassembled furniture. Corresponding sets of Akro Bins provide dedicated storage for extra hardware, tooling and fixtures for a project. The 3/16” thick aluminum top plate functions both as a work surface or additional storage space.

drawings:  project cart perspective
materials:  HSS tubing, 3/8" plywood, 3/16" & 1/8" aluminum sheet, aluminum T channel, Akro Bins
dimensions:  length - 30", width - 24", height - 33 5/8"

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