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pulmo - 2021

Pulmo is an interrogation of the voluptuous and layered soft systems of the human body. Stainless steel tubular arteries connect nodal pockets of flesh. The mirrored internal tissue of the visceral human machine is protected beneath flesh stretched over bone - mimicked with the taught leather cushions which mirror their cast aluminum counterparts. The body’s natural padding systems are incarnate within a mechanical zoomorphic form, expressive of 1950’s Italian furniture design. 

The stainless legs morph into cast aluminum tapered caps, emulating the change in material of a hoofed animal and allowing a delicate touch to the ground. The connection of leg (bone) to seat (flesh) is guided a stainless steel plate, acting as binding membranes. 

Seat cushions reflect the natural softness of the human flesh while emulating the dual axial reflection of flat glands. The backrest softly cradles the back, allowing the stool to come alive as it provides the comfort of a human to human embrace.

Pulmo is designed to be dissected and its parts replaced as they decay. It can be transported easily and can take on different skins with replaceable cushions.

- Text by Gillian Hause

drawings:  pulmo tectonic perspective      pulmo backrest sandwich
materials:  sand and investment cast aluminum, 1/2" diameter stainless steel tube, leather upholstery
width - 15 1/2", depth - 20 3/8", height - 31 1/2"

designed and fabricated in partnership with Gillian Hause

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